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“Helen Inman has worked with students at our school for many years and is incredibly passionate about young people’s mental health.

Helen is flexible, dedicated and has often gone above and beyond to help our students, including creating spaces within the school setting that are more conducive to counselling. She has always maintained excellent communication with the school, is clearly aware of her responsibilities with regards to safeguarding young people and is highly professional in all that she does.”

Headteacher, Secondary School Academy, Somerset

“My daughter started seeing Helen when she was experiencing anxiety at school in Y11, which culminated in self harm.

Helen helped her understand what was making her anxious, taught her ways to recognise and manage her anxiety and helped her to believe in herself and value herself. At the end of a relatively short period of therapy (10 sessions) my daughter felt much less anxious, happier overall and more resilient.”

Mother 48, Bath

“Meeting Helen was probably the best thing of 2020 that could have ever happened to me!

Growing up in an enviroment where “real men” can deal with anything made me very reluctant in asking for any kind of help in general! That was my case … until … after 15 years of marriage, at the begining of a global pandemic, I found myself going through a divorce!! This was something inconceivable to me up until then!! I was feeling very uncertain of everything I knew about myself or my life up until that moment . Like with anything in life, acknowledging a problems existence is the first step towards solving it or making some sense of it’s meaning.

Working with Helen allowed me to do just that. Helen allowed me to create a safe space in which I could talk about my worries, thoughts and thought processes freely without worries of any judgement. She made me feel fully confident that I am in the presence of a trained professional that could give me the help I needed to reground myself in my existence. She helped me gain understanding of how my past experiences in life still influenced the way I currently perceived moments in life.

Helen also helped me develop new ways of understanding my emotions and thought processes, enabling me to better manage my present. It is said that with each day lived in our lifes we learn something new , well … Helen taught me that asking for help does not make you helpless nor broken. It makes you responsible, as it shows that your commitment to yourself enables you to be as happy and well as you can possibly be. I am really gratefull for her help and couldn’t recommend her services more highly.


Thank you so much Helen!”

Name Goes Here

“Dear Helen⭐️

I was just thinking about how grateful I am for our time together, I want to thank you so so much for everything you have done.

You have been so influential on my path and have helped set me up with the tools I will need for future life. You’re amazing❣️❣️

School is going really well, I left the 6th form boarding school 3 weeks in and moved to my local 6th form college, which was definitely the right choice!! Things with the family and boyfriend are going really well at the moment and I have really found people that understand me and I can have lots of fun with.

I hope you’re doing really well and continue to make peoples lives happier :)💗💗🕺💥”

17 young woman, Bath

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